We met at a short film premiere that Josh produced, and Katy’s mom, Trish, had an acting role in. Josh’s version of the first encounter is that he was under stress trying to plan this film festival, organize seats, and handle a crowd of 100 people. Katy’s version was her mother dragged her to this stupid premiere film festival thing and had her make popcorn for it. We were introduced during the intermission by Trish, and little did we know, that even though we just smiled at each other and went our separate ways, we would cross paths again.

Five months later…

In April 2011 Josh was invited by Katy’s mother, Trish, and Josh’s friend and colleague, Wes, to be technical director for a T.V. Pilot of which Trish was the host. And who was Trish’s assistant? Katy!

At one point Josh had to bring a bunch of video equipment to the location and Katy had to bring the keys to open the door. Josh with his heart pounding after unloading equipment, or maybe it was from being around such a pretty girl, asked for Katy’s number.

Eventually Josh asked Katy out on a date. He got her flowers, took her to Mongolian Grill, and watched a movie at his apartment. On April 25th, 2011 Josh and Katy officially started dating.


The Proposal